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A Distraction-Free Presentation Viewing Environment

I’ve just watched Rich Hickey’s talk Simple Made Easy, which has been waiting in my queue for a very long time. It’s a brilliant talk. Watch it.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to watch it for Bentoconf. InfoQ, which hosts the talk, has a fancy playback system which syncs a video feed of just the presenter with a separate slide display, rather than editing the two together into a single video. Thus, we can’t play it through Synchtube, which powers Bentoconf. That’s a shame.

It also means that you can’t full-screen the talk. That is, you can full-screen the presenter, but then you can’t see the slides. That’s no good. And just full-screening the browser window leaves something to be desired. The chrome of the page is bright, messy, and distracting. I’m here to watch a talk, thank you.

Luckily, userstyles.

Presentation with userstyle applied

Userstyles are stylesheets you ask your browser to apply to a page for you. You may be more familiar with userscripts, which do something similar with JavaScript (i.e., GreaseMonkey). There are a whole bunch of useful (and some less useful) userstyles at They provide an extension for Firefox and Chrome called Stylish.

Now, really, there are some UX issues with InfoQ that a stylesheet isn’t powerful enough to fix. You’ll need to jump through some minor hoops to turn this on each time, but I think it’s worth it.

  1. First, install Stylish and the userstyle from the userstyle’s page.

  2. Then, go to a presentation you want to watch. Might I recommend Rich Hickey’s Simple Made Easy? The style will be enabled by default; you’ll have to disable it for the moment from Stylish. In Chrome:

    Click disable in Stylish

  3. Choose the horizontal layout, then the maximized version.

    Click horizontal, then maximize

  4. Then enable the style again from Stylish, and for full effect, full-screen your browser window.

  5. Enjoy.